Mobile Media

You can spread your message, image, and rich media to the most preferred group of audience via mobile network. The target is set based on real time location, behaviour, interest, handset type, and lots more. The media channels available includes.

Transportation Media Specialist


Transjakarta is Jakarta’s main bus line supplying 10 corridors transporting Jakartas throughout total length of 184.31 km. With 9.300.000 passengers using this most reliable public transportation in Indonesia, the effect of advertising inside and outside the body of Transjakarta is extremely high.

Commuter Line

For long distance commuters, the fastest way (and also without worrying about the famous Jakarta’s rush hours) to take themselves to their workplace is the commuter line. The Jakarta Metropolitan commuter line operates 20 hours daily, with 500 units of trains transporting more than 600,000 passengers a day. Impress the hundreds of thousands of daily passengers with your product advertisement every day and night!

Digital Billboard

Do you have a TV commercial video clip but TV ads cost is high too expensive to keep it running all day? Or do you wish to TVC your product at a specific location at a reasonable price instead of spending outstanding budgets to cover the whole nation on TV? Digital Billboards are your solution. ESI provides LED digital billboards in 109 locations in Indonesia, all controlled in a centralized system in Jakarta. Available formats are,

TV Media Placement

If your product should be promoted all over the nation, or need the biggest impact to the most audience untargeted, your advertisement should be broadcasted on air. The ESI professionals completely understand the importance of product character, and help you choose on what time, on which program, on which channel, and with which material will be most efficient for your brand. Of course ESI also provide a one-stop service, starting from advertisement planning, material creation, until final data statistics.