About Us

ESI Super Digital Media is a systemically organized digital media company from Korea established on 1998. In 2008 ESI opened its new branch office in Jakarta, Indonesia and now is one of the biggest advertising company in Indonesia. Based on its skills in the IT and telecommunication industry, ESI provides differentiated advertisement experience with the future media solutions.

ESI media services :

ESI values trust and commitment to provide the best quality advertisement, and cultivates in order to enhance your business branding effectively and efficiently. ESI also is professional in designing and determining the most appropriate advertisement method to achieve a qualified service supported by the diversity of services that follow the development needs of the company.

From the beginning we continuously strive to become the leading super digital media in Indonesia. Our management consists of people who have rich experience in the field of high tech digital media around the world. Also involved in the establishment of major advertisement paltforms in Indonesia, ESI is the most proven media partner to help advertisers and publishers achieve their business goals.